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The Greatest Investment Technique of All Time

By BD Publications STAFF REPORTS

For ages, a little-known investment course has been used by the first class to build massive fortunes. Some call them “26(f) programs”, and they’ve been used by billionaires like Peter Lynch, John Templeton, and Ron Baron to create massive wealth hidden from the vast majority of regular investors’ eyes.

Even Oprah Winfrey has tens of millions of dollars invested in these “programs.”

But you don’t have to be a rich banker or a well-connected politician to take part in them.

Even though most Americans have no idea that 26(f) programs exist… for those that do, the results can be life-changing.

Just look at Terrance Morgan. He’s worked office jobs ever since college, putting just a small part of each paycheck towards 26(f) programs.

As he tells it, they’ve helped him achieve a net worth of “slightly over $2 million.” And in about a year he’ll be living “mortgage-free in my house that’s probably worth about $700,000.”

To put it bluntly… you could have made $68,870 by “enrolling” in just one 26(f) program last year.

But come April 10th of 2017, the Department of Labor is going to make it very hard for others to join them.

So what exactly are 26(f) programs, and how can they benefit you?

And more importantly – what action can you take ASAP to ensure that you don’t end up footing part of the $80 billion bill that, according to the Wall Street Journal, American savers will be left with when these programs expire.

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